When we moved into this house last October, we didn’t have a hob or an oven.

We still don’t.

Instead, my forward-thinking husband purchased a combi microwave for our first flat. Unaware of its sublime powers to cook just about anything, I used it only as a microwave. When we moved here, I was had to investigate just what this gadget could do until we could find a stove to fit our small kitchen. I’m starting to think we won’t need to. What I can’t do with the microwave or one of its functions, I can do in the slowcooker, and what I can’t do in those probably involves frying, which frankly, we could do without. A poached egg is nicer than a fried one most days anyway.

We’ve also gone with a small under-counter fridge only. I thought I would miss the freezer space, but instead I find I’m not stocking up on stuff I may never use. It holds a loaf of bread, a package or two of meat, a brick of butter. That’s really all the larder you need for two people. The space issue has also forced me to shop for less, more often, and to buy more fresh vegetables since I can’t store frozen (and save a few exceptions, tinned veg are pretty nasty).

So that’s how I cook. I created this blog to keep track of the recipes I used to write down and lose, or bookmark and lose in some great computer crash. It’s a way to document the successes and failures, and to keep track of tweaks and twists. And it makes me want to change things up a bit more.

here’s my toolbox:
900W combination microwave/grill/convection oven
slow cooker
outdoor charcoal grill
9″ chefs knife
9″ carving knife
2 paring knives
vegetable peeler
tin opener
3 cutting boards, 1 for meat, 1 for veg, 1 for cheese and bread
potato masher
electric whisk
electric kettle
1 round cake tin
1 baking sheet
1 mixing bowl
1 square casserole
2 individual casseroles

and that’s it! In my largest kitchen I had all kinds of gadgets I thought I couldn’t do without, but cooking is actually more enjoyable when you do it with your hands, and think and create and problem-solve to get the result you want.